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Graphic Design • Book Design • Branding in Ashland, Oregon

Are you ready to launch a new business, redesign your website, or publish your book? Call me for a free consultation!

I help authors and entrepreneurs get off to a great start through beautiful design, strategic branding, sparkling copy, and well-crafted books. Located in Southern Oregon, I work individually with clients throughout the U.S. in person, or by Zoom, phone, or email.


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"Chris is a master of book design. She has an artist’s eye—my book cover is beautiful—the teal color is a perfect combination for medicine (blue and pharmacy (green). Folks comment all the time on how beautiful

the cover is...who would think a book on medications would grab compliments of beauty?"

— Donna Bartlett, PharmaD, author of MedStrong -
    Shed Your Meds for a Better, Healthier You​

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