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Because a company logo is a key part of your brand identity that will be applied in a variety of ways—from business cards, brochures, collateral, and signage to your website—we design logos that beautifully communicate the unique personality of your service or company.


Publishing under an imprint or trade name lends credibility to a self-published author. In fact many bookstores, reviewers, bloggers, and contests refuse to carry or promote books that are self-published under the author’s name. 


Authors often choose a name to publish under that is meaningful to them. After checking for availability and the existence of a similar name, a simple mark is created that represents the author's choice.

The beauty and elegance of Chris' work speaks for itself. As a person who has worked with Chris on the marketing and copy side of hundreds of projects over the past 20 years, I can say that one reason she achieves such consistently sparkling results is that she carefully listens to and works closely with her clients and colleagues. She is never satisfied until her client is completely happy.
RON JONES, owner
The Strategic Word
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