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Chris Molé – DESIGNER

Chris has been visually communicating her clients' services, creations and endeavors for more than 30 years. They include nonprofits, alternative health companies and practitioners, manufacturers of renewable energy products, coaches, entrepreneurs, retail shops and retail products. Her deep experience in print design and production make her a knowledgeable and skilled resource for her clients.

Over the past decade Chris's interest has shifted toward helping self- published and independent authors navigate the challenges of producing, publishing, and marketing their books. 


In addition to designing books and creating distinctive branding for authors and independent publishers, Chris creates logos, branding, and collateral for small businesses and non-profits.


Deborah has been involved in the publishing industry since 1993, first as a magazine writer and editor, then as a copyeditor for many independent book companies.  With editing and proofreading skills honed to a "T" after twenty years in the field, she now focuses on guiding and assisting writers as they navigate the world of self-publishing, website development, and blogging. In addition to coaching, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and ghostwriting, Deborah enjoys helping clients create books from compilations of blog posts, articles, white papers, and audio or video presentations..


Deborah’s expertise as a wordsmith and her love of the craft, combined with a fierce dedication to her clients’ success, means writers who utilize her services can be confident that their work will positively reflect on them.

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