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Cover Design

Your cover will beautifully reflect the story and tone of your book. Each cover is be unique—you’ll never see another just like it.

Book Interiors

Book layouts give readers the enjoyment of a well organized, well-paced reading experience. 

Logos and Imprints

Logos and imprints are designed to beautifully communicate the unique personality of your company.

Wix Websites

Building your brand through a website connects you with customers and readers giving them instant, current information 24 hours a day. A website is your foundation for engaging with readers and customers while building a mailing list that you control. 

Along with designing the cover of Instinctive Health, Inspired Living, Chris is been my "book guru," guiding me every step of the way. Her elegant design and book publishing savvy have been invaluable.

LESLIE J. ROSE, author

Instinctive Health, Inspired Living