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Book Creation Coaching

You may be still be in the concept phase of writing, or perhaps have completed a rough draft, in either case we offer professional assistance for your specific needs by providing guidance in structural and content organization, helping you determine what your next steps should be with the kind of support that you require. While some authors may choose to be coached chapter by chapter, others can proceed on to the completion of a final draft with less assistance.


Developmental Editing

We provide support and suggestions for manuscripts that may be in need of revision, content development, or restructuring. By examining the presentation and assessing the coherence of your copy with the fresh pair of eyes essential for any writing project, we can alert you to what may be needed before you go any further. If your manuscript requires any changes at this point, we will suggest improvements rather than making the corrections for you.



Timeline inconsistencies, redundancies, ambiguities, and uneven writing—along with spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors—will be discovered and addressed during the copyediting process, while maintaining the author’s voice at all times. We also provide fact checking, an essential aspect of quality writing, as part of our complete service.



After an edited manuscript is formatted into the book layout, a final read through is required before sending it to the printer. This essential last step will catch typos, misaligned pages, and any grammatical errors that might have initially escaped the copyeditor’s eye. After proofreading, you’re ready to publish!


Books from Outlines, Transcripts, Audio & Video Presentations

Many specialists who present material through speaking engagements require assistance in writing a coherent narrative that will accurately convey their message. We maintain the voice of the author throughout this process, helping you stay on message as your work is transformed into a publishable book. We also collaborate with clients via interview, creating a recording to be transcribed in order to develop content. When needed, our writers offer research services as well. Once an initial draft is written, it is given to the author for feedback and final approval.



Ghostwriting is an accepted way for those with a book idea who may have limited time or writing skills to share their knowledge with a wider audience. We offer clients a way to author books, Blog posts, and other content that they will receive credit for by providing them with high quality, professional writing. Many popular authors have worked with ghostwriters (James Patterson, Tom Clancy), as have others whose autobiographies (Sharon Osbourne, Keith Richards) were actually written by someone else. Sheryl Sandburg, author of Lean In, used a ghostwriter as well. Many public speakers and experts in their fields consider this to be a valuable means of reaching more people with their message.

Whether your book is still in need of developmental work, or your manuscript is ready to be copyedited, we can provide the added structure, clarity, and consistency of style necessary to create a polished product that contains a fine-tuned, professional flow. Book Savvy Studio offers our authors personal attention while focusing on the concept, style, and organization of their project. Healthcare professionals, private coaches, novelists, memoirists, and technology innovators have all enjoyed and appreciated the quality work they receive from us.

Deborah Mokma has been my go-to copyeditor and proofreader for several years. As a publisher it's of utmost importance to have a professional I can trust. I've used many copyeditors and proofreaders. Deborah is the most knowledgeable and the best professional I've worked with. I retain her services as my first copyeditor and last proofreader. I recommend her unreservedly.


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